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Cosette  (Les Miserables)    コゼット (ああ無情)
February 2010
Scale : 1/7     Height : 105 mm (Base included)      Kit available from SHOP

This model was inspired by the French artist Emile Bayard's (1837 - 1891) lithograph 'Cosette sweeping' (1862) for the famous Victor Hugo's novel 'Les Miserables'. 
The model is Cosette as age of 5 while she has been abused by mean host family the Thenardier.
I have tried to make her not only cute but also showing her sorrow and despair.
The kit comes with a wooden base and name plate
原作の設定ではこのコゼットは5歳ということになっています。 原型を作るに当たっては、幼い子供のやわらかな体つきと、コゼットの悲しみと絶望に満ちた表情を再現するよう努めてみました。
Emile Bayard  (1862)
'Cosette Sweeping'
Finished Work  (15 pics.)   Modelling process (15 pics.)