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Bondage Reset   ボンデージ・リセットちゃん © Mizutama Keinojo   © Kaiyodo 
December 2005
Scale : 1/7    Height : 21cm     
Here is Reset-chan again.  If you do not know who she is, please see Reset-chan first.
The original Reset-chan charactor is a cute, smart and healthy low-teen, however, weird Modeller-T has not been quite satisfied and then made her slightly grown up and naughty.
The realistic belly and back, he has spent so much time and energy.  
Please note, the choker, whip, rings, buckles are made by white metal........maniac.
リセットちゃん第2弾です。 1年前(2004年)に作った初代リセットちゃんからたいそうな様変わりであります。
Finished Work (25 pics.) Modelling Process (33 pics.)