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GIRLS und PANZER   (C) Girls und Panzer Projekt  バンダイ・ビジュアル
Anzio High School Captain Anchovi    
アンツィオ高校隊長 アンチョビ
August 2013
Scale : 1/8    Height : 20 cm     Kit no longer available due to copyright
Anchovi (Anzai Chiyomi) is the captain of Anzio high school panzer team.
With her cute apearance and sinister smile, she has gripped many Otaku hearts although has apeared no more than 30 sec. in the story.
I wanted to make her as a beautiful devil with sadistic atmosphere.
Cute but mean smile, arrogant pose and a riding whip, this little girl has got all to be a gorgeous mistress for a man who knows his place.

Painted Work (19 pics.) Modelling Process (25 pics.) Ivory finish (7 pics.)