The Council of Ministers

(As of 31 March, 2005)


His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said



His Highness Sayyid Assad bin Tareq al Said, Personal Representative of

His Majesty the Sultan


His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Councils of Ministers


His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tareq al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture


His Excellency Sayyid Ali bin Hamoud bin Ali al Busaidi, Minister of of the Diwan of the Royal Court


His Excellency General Ali bin Majid al Ma'amari, Minister of the Palace Office and Head of the Office of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces


His Excellency Sayyid Badr bin Soud bin Hareb, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs


His Ecellency Sayyid Saud bin Ibrahim al Busaidi, Interior Minister


His Excellency Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdallah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs


His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Zaher al Hinai, Minister of Justice


His Excellency Ahmed bin Abdulnabi Nacki, Minister of National Economy and Supervisor of the Ministry of Finance


His Excellency Dr Rawyah bint Saud bin Ahmed al Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education


His Excellency Hamed bin Mohammed al Rashdi, Minister of Information

His Excellency Sayyid al-Mutasim bin Hamoud al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Muscat

His Excellency Malik bin Sulaiman al Maamari, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications


His Excellency Shaikh Suhail bin Mustahil Samas, Minister of Housing, Electricity and Water


His Excellency Shaikh Mohammed bin Ali al Qatabi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar


His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Mohammed bin Moosa, Minister of Health


His Excellency Shaikh Amer bin Shuwain al Hosni, Minister of Social Development


His Excellency Maqbool bin Ali Sultan, Minister of Commerce and Industry


His Excellency Mohammed bin Ali bin Nasir al Alawi, Minister of Legal Affairs


His Excellency Yahya bin Saud bin Mansoor al Sulaimi, Minister of Education


His Excellency Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Matar al Azizi, Minister of Civil Service


His Excellency Shaikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdullah al Salimi, Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs


His Excellency Shaikh Salim bin Hilal al Khalili, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries


His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Hamad bin Saif al Romhi, Minister of Oil and Gas


His Excellency Dr. Khamis bin Mubarak bin Isa al Alawi, Minister of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources


His Excellency Juma bin Ali bin Juma, Minister of Human Resources